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From Archbishop Richard Smith:

The Catholic Bishops of Alberta remain committed to the gradual reinstatement of public celebrations of the Mass and welcome the recent release of the Guidance for Places of Public Worship document as part of the provincial government’s relaunch strategy. These guidelines are being carefully considered by the task force that the Bishops have established under the direction of Archbishop Richard Smith of Edmonton and Bishop William McGrattan of Calgary.

The task force is drafting for the Bishops a set of directives for the gradual reintroduction of Masses in public. The Bishops will present these to Alberta’s Chief Medical Officer of Health. The proposed directives will take into consideration the information that will be received from the Telephone Town Hall with the Premier and the Chief Medical Officer scheduled for Thursday, May 21. No date will be set for the resumption of public liturgies in our Catholic churches and institutions until the Bishops are satisfied that their own directives can be fully and properly implemented.

Any announcement of the date for the gradual reintroduction will be made at least five days before the first scheduled Mass. Parishes by then will have received diocesan guidelines which help ensure the safety of everyone.

“It is critical that we understand the risks and take steps in minimizing the spread of COVID-19 through prudent planning,” said Bishop McGrattan. “The health and safety of our parishioners, priests, and church staff are of utmost importance. Each and every life is a precious gift from God, and we are called to do everything in our power to protect them. This has been a tremendous sacrifice on the part of the faithful who strongly desire to celebrate the Eucharist in their parish communities. We are grateful for their cooperation, their patient endurance, and especially for their prayers.”

TO DONATE during this time of closure due to the COVID 19 pandemic, please see links below (scroll down). Thank you for your generosity!

To see the Archbishops video message on parish donations, click here.



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Parish bulletins continue to be published, see the menu above.


Due to the cancellation of Sunday Masses, revenues for the parish will be significantly reduced. Please consider sending your donation directly to the parish: 10555 50A Street, Edmonton, AB T6A 2C8.

 To Make Automatic bank withdrawal.

Please complete the Automatic Bank Withdrawal Form and provide us with a copy of a void cheque.  Please return the completed form to the Office in the Resurrection Parish.

 Donations online by credit card can also be given by clicking on one of the two parish links below:

 To donate to Assumption Parish:

Donate Now Through CanadaHelps.org!

To donate to Resurrection Parish:
Donate Now Through CanadaHelps.org!

Thanks everyone!

Father  Philip

Cancellation of all parish Masses and meetings

Due to efforts to contain the spread of the COVID-19 virus, the Archdiocese of Edmonton, following indications from the Chief Medical Officer for Alberta, has cancelled all weekday and weekend Masses until further notice:

Since the Sunday celebration of the Eucharist is the very heart of our Catholic life, the inability to gather for this worship is a cause of great suffering. Let us accept this as our civic duty at this time, and offer this moment in sacrifice to God for the sake of all who are ill from the COVID-19 virus (Archbishop Richard Smith).

To read the Archbishop’s letter, please click here.

Fr. Philip will continue to offer Mass privately (not open to the public) for individual intentions as well as for the spiritual and physical health of all our parishioners.

All meetings of parish groups are likewise cancelled, as are all meetings to prepare for the upcoming sacraments. Sacramental preparation will continue once the ban on gatherings is lifted; the dates of First Communion and Confirmation may have to be changed.

Reduced Office Hours

In order to reduce costs during this difficult time, office hours are reduced. The parish offices will be open from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m., Monday to Friday.          

Saint Vincent de Paul Food Donations

Please note that we are still accepting food donations for the Saint Vincent de Paul Society at this time.  Thank you for your generosity!



Assumption & Resurrection Parishes

10555 50A Street NW

Edmonton AB T6A 2C8

Tel. 780 468-4071  Fax 780 468-4081

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The Annual Report for 2019 is now available on this link



  The Roman Catholic Parishes of Assumption & Resurrection



Regular Mass Times

Tuesday & Wednesday: 9:00 am Mass

Friday: 7:00 pm Mass

Saturday Vigil: 5:30 pm Mass

Sunday: 9:30 am Mass

Note: Sacrament of Reconciliation is offered 30 minutes before weekday Masses. The Rosary is prayed 30 minutes before Tuesday and Wednesday Masses.



Regular Mass Times

 Thursday & Friday9:00 am Mass

Saturday Vigil: 4:00 pm Mass 

Sunday11:00 am Mass

Note:  Sacrament of Reconciliation is offered 30 minutes before weekday Masses. The Rosary is prayed 30 minutes before Thursday Mass. 


We are a varied and diverse community.  We come in all shapes and sizes; we vary in looks and in ages.  We hold much in common.  We all share a belief and a commitment to our Catholic faith.  We are all members of the Body of Christ.  We are his Church.Welcome to the website for the parishes of Assumption and Resurrection.  We are facing an exciting time for the Catholic communities of southeast Edmonton.  

Our diversity makes us strong.  We have much to share.  We will share committees, services, activities, liturgical work, education, socials, and most of all our sacramental and prayer life.  We will welcome each other at our churches and we will work together to build a stronger Catholic presence in this area.  

We want our parishes to be vibrant, welcoming, prayerful, and successful; it is up to each person in the parish to do his or her part.   The Archdiocese of Edmonton, of which we are members, is committed to a program of Stewardship.  Each member, from the youngest to the oldest, from the smallest to the biggest, is needed to share their time, talent and treasure.  Many of you are already involved in ministries and serve the church in varied ways.  We hope you will continue.  With your help our new joint community will grow and prosper.  

This time needs to be a time of cooperation and positive works and words.  Change is not always easy but change can bring about great gifts and marvelous growth.  

Let us pray for the mutual success of our parishes and of the formation of a cohesive and solid faith community.  We are all children of God and have much to gain by partnership and teamwork.  

May God bless the people of Assumption and Resurrection parishes. 

Father Philip Creurer


How to find the Assumption Church:
Click here (Google Map)

9034 - 95 Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta
T6C 1Z3
Office: (780) 468-4071

In case of emergency please contact the parish rectory at (780) 462-6109


How to find the Resurrection Church:
Click here (Google Map)

10555 - 50A Street
Edmonton, Alberta
T6A 2C8
Office: (780) 468 - 4071  

In case of emergency please contact the parish rectory at (780) 462-6109